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A camp site that served small, marginal communities, composed of domiciles, a mosque and a tower. The inhabitants of the Rabbat were called Morabiton.

Red Heifer (or Red Cow)
A Jewish religious code based on Numbers 19:1–10; a cow of a reddish-brown color, without blemish, was to be burned in a ritual ceremony on the Mount of Olives; its ashes were then to be mixed with water from the Gihon Spring, to prepare ‘water of lustration’ or ‘water of cleansing’. These waters were the only means of purifying a person or object rendered ‘impure’ by contact with a human corpse - the highest degree of impurity.

Romans (Arabic). More specifically used to describe the Byzantine Christians in ancient and late literature. This term is used in religious texts and in Arabic poetry, as well as in dedicatory inscriptions.

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